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Net Marketing Solution

Interactive communication, Information Technology, Business plans

With over 20 years of expertise in communication and marketing, we offer effective Internet marketing programs. We know how to integrate the Internet to your business strategies to reach your business goals.

Web Hosting

Fast and personalized service; there is always someone at the other end to answer you.

Our web hosting service is exclusively for commercial sites; this restriction allows us to offer a faster and safer download. Our servers can host sites which are entirely transactional meeting the standard of US and Canadian banks. browse_ang.gif (2714 bytes)

Our web hosting allows you to easily update your site as frequently as needed.
In fact, the integrated maintenance system ensures that all your links are good, and that all files are there and at the right place.

Statistics on visitor traffic to you site, updated every month.
You have access to this information at all times.

 Features of our web hosting
- Locating visitors
- Site verification
- Controlled access of search feature
- Email management
- Automatic replies
- Secure transmissions
- 25mg of disk space
- 2gigs of transfers per month
- Domain name registration
Transmission via complete 2T1 (non-fractional) redundant (1,5 megabits each), direct, without intermediary on UUNET (the largest provider in the world) for greater reliability.

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